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Government to Ban Old Tyres


Consultation begins on increased tyre regulations for large goods and passenger vehicles

The UK government is consulting on whether to ban tyres of more than ten years old on buses, coaches, lorries and minibuses.
However, concerns have been raised that vans have been excluded from the review.
Regulations are already in place to ensure tyres meet specific standards, including for tread depth and the absence of cuts and lumps that might indicate a structural failure. The new proposals are intended to supplement these by adding a further requirement on maximum tyre age. 
Subject to the outcome of the consultation, this would make it an offence to use or operate a vehicle fitted with a tyre that is more than ten years old. The restriction would also cover re-treaded tyres fitted to a non-steered axle. It would apply to re-treads older than ten years, as specified on the tyre wall. 
The proposals include measures requiring the date of manufacture to be visible for inspections, and to be maintained and not tampered with.
If they are supported, a new law could be introduced this year and implemented in 2020.
The consultation, which will run until 1 September, will also examine whether such a ban should be extended to taxis and private hire vehicles.
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